Welcome to the future of business

If you’ve made it to our blog page, we want to help our clients to envision their business dreams! Is that you?

We at ELC know that life doesn’t afford everyone the same opportunities, so it’s our hope to offer our entrepreneurially-driven, economically challenged neighbors to become completely self-supporting, while pursuing their chosen business goals.

We get extremely excited about meeting people who share our vision of something better for their future, who have a desire to make something good for themselves through their own hard work, who maybe would rather lead than follow, and who are willing to exert themselves to get what they want. We want to talk to you!

Since we have no desire to reinvent a perfectly good wheel (and because the U.S. Small Business Administration has done such a great job on their comprehensive website at www.sba.gov), we will refer you there to do some initial exploration about your dream.

Since we want to make the best use of our time assisting others, we’d like for you to invest the time to evaluate your dreams against the questions in these two articles: Is Entrepreneurship for You? (http://www.sba.gov/content/entreprenuership-you) and 20 Questions Before Starting (http://www.sba.gov/content/20-questions-before-starting-business). You can find similar articles in other sources, but these are a great starting point for your own enlightenment and certainly for any discussions we have!

After you have thoughtfully evaluated this, here are our questions for you:

  1. What does your definition of success look like, or in other words, what is success on your terms? Take some time and paint a visual picture of that idea.
  2. What do you see as your current barriers to success, or what do you most need from others in order to succeed? No barrier is too small to identify; you can only deal with what you’ve admitted is an issue.

Here’s what you can expect from the ELC staff, should you decide to consult with us:

Be prepared to spend one or two hours in the initial consultation so that you and our staff member may thoroughly explore your business idea. We believe this is critical for you, as it may be the first opportunity you’ve had to seriously discuss your business idea with a peer. It also helps us identify what types of support to offer you as a client.

Our staff member may seek to further educate you on the startup process, in any number of ways, perhaps by suggesting that you do additional research on the need for your product or service in your market, or how many competitors are in your market.

The staff member may refer you to a website link or an online class or to the nearest SBDC for assistance in business plan writing.

The staffer may offer you the assistance of an ELC provided virtual service, such as setting up a simple bookkeeping scheme for your business, helping you to complete or file state or federal forms, or creating simple forms for your new business.

Of course this merely outlines a simple consultation, your experience may vary greatly depending on the scope of your business idea, your own experience and knowledge, etc.

We do charge nominal fees for our services, however, since we exist to assist our economically challenged fellows, our fees are based on a sliding scale according to income, and may even be completely waived by a director when deemed appropriate.

We look forward to making your acquaintance and helping you get well started on the road to reaching your business goals, which is our definition of success!

Rosemarie Garcia Forte - Founder and CFO of ELC, Inc

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Rosemarie Forte